Inquest Help Topics

Documentation and a comprehensive overview is installed with the Inquest product.

To access the Inquest Help Topics on your computer:

  1. Open Inquest
  2. From the "Help" menu select "Help Topics"

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation is available here for FTP download. In the file's description, under the Format section, click the appropriate link to begin downloading.

Note: sizes are approximate, download times may vary depending on connection speeds.

All documentation requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

User's Guide

The official Inquest User's Guide.

Format: .pdf (630,820 Bytes).

Training Manual

The training manual is designed as a step-by-step tutorial to help learn how to use Inquest.

Format: .pdf (2,305,991 Bytes).

QuickBooks Data Sharing

Key concepts and details of how Inquest shares data with QuickBooks.

Format: .pdf (1,499,432 Bytes).