New Microsoft Access Database

Technosoft highly recommends Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later as the database server for Inquest.


1.    Start Inquest

2.    The first screen to display is “Open Company Data Source”

3.    Click the “New data source…” button

4.    The “Data Connection Wizard” will display

5.    Select “Create a new database”, click “Next”

6.    Select “Microsoft Access Database”, click “Next”

7.    Click the Browse button

8.    Select a location for the database location

·         Note: select a location visible on your network to give other workstations access

9.    Click “OK”

10.  Click “Finish”


The program will now open with the new database and prompt you for a company name and address.


Opening Inquest in the future will show your company database in the “Open Company Data Source” database list.