QuickBooks Invoices from Handheld

Inquest is designed to send invoices synchronized from the technician handhelds into QuickBooks.  Depending on your network setup of Inquest this can happen automatically or it may require a little help.

For the invoices to be sent automatically.  QuickBooks and Inquest must both be open and running on the same computer as the Inquest Cloud Synchronization runs.  If the automatic send stops; restart Inquest to get the automatic process restarted.  If it is not possible to synchronize with the cloud on the same computer you invoice from; the following instructions will get the invoices to QuickBooks.

Inquest "Caption Bar"

Inquest has a "Caption Bar" that will indicate when a handheld has been synchronized and there are invoices ready to be sent to QuickBooks.

Caption Bar - No Invoices

This is how the caption bar will appear when there no invoices to be processed.

To display the caption bar on the Inquest desktop application:

  1. Open Inquest
  2. From the "View" menu, check the "Caption bar" menu option

Once a handheld has been synchronized the "Caption Bar" will appear as follows:

Caption Bar - Invoices Available

Notice the informational message that a handheld has been synchronized and there are 3 invoices ready for processing.

To send the invoices to QuickBooks:

  1. Click the "Send Invoices" button in the caption bar
  2. The finalizing synchronization dialog and progress bar will appear as the invoices are processed and sent to QuickBooks

Inquest "Reminders"

Inquest has a "Reminders" screen that will list any completed work orders that have not been tied to a QuickBooks transaction.

Work Orders to be Invoiced

In this screen shot you can see that there are 3 work orders that have been completed in the last 14 days that Inquest shows as not being invoiced in QuickBooks.

To show the "Reminders" in the Inquest desktop application:

  1. Open Inquest
  2. From the "View" menu select the "Reminders" menu option

To refresh the "Reminders" list

  1. Click the 'x' on the "Reminders" tab
  2. From the "View" menu select the "Reminders" menu option

To invoice a work order listed on the "Reminders" list

  1. Double-click on the work order in the "Reminders" list to open the work order
  2. Select the "Invoice" tab of the work order
  3. Click the "Resend Invoice" button to send the invoice to QuickBooks

Send Invoice to QuickBooks

To change the number of days to show completed work orders with no invoice:

  1. Open the list of "Reminders"
  2. Double click on the first item "Work orders to be invoiced..."
  3. In the displayed dialog change the setting to the number of days desired
  4. Click OK