Registering Inquest

After installing Inquest, contact Technosoft for a registration number. All computers running Inquest require a unique registration number.

Registration numbers are dependent on the Inquest 'Computer ID'.

To determine the Inquest 'Computer ID' for your workstation and request a registration number:

  1. Start Inquest

  2. When prompted to register; click the 'Purchase Now' button.  (If not prompted, select 'Registration Information...' from the Inquest 'Help' menu.)

  3. In the displayed dialog the 'Compter ID' will be shown.  To request a registration number:

    1.     Click the 'Request' button

      • Note: If you have an active Internet connection and a valid software license a new registration number will be retrieved automatically.

    2.     or, Email:

    3. or submit a service request:

  4. Upon receipt of the 'Computer ID' a registration number will be created and sent back to the requesting individual.