Inquest – SQL Server Backup

1.       Open SQL Server Management Studio

2.       Connect to your SQL Server

3.       In the displayed window, expand the “Databases” folder

4.       A list of database names will be displayed

5.       Locate your Inquest database and right-click on its name

6.       In the popup menu, select “Tasks”

7.       On the “Tasks” submenu, select the “Back Up” menu option

8.       A dialog will display

a.       In the “Backup type” dropdown select “Full”

b.      In “Back up to” select ‘Disk’

c.       Remove any destinations

d.      Click the “Add” button

e.      Enter a destination and filename such as ( C:\Backup\Inquest.bak)

f.        Note: it is recommended that you backup to a detachable backup device such as a USB hard drive

g.       Click OK

h.      Click OK again

9.       A confirmation message will display when the backup has completed

NOTE: See our article on setting up an automated SQL Server backup for your Inquest database here: